Load Tracking - Loads

Last updated March 5, 2021 by Ryan Vander Plaats ryan.vanderplaats@trimble.com

Load Tracking - Loads

Opened from the main production control screen with the Production Control > Load Tracking menu option.  Can also be opened by clicking the Loads: button on the bottom-right of that screen, which also sets a Main Mark filter to the value of the selected item.

Menu Options

  • Find Load (Ctrl+F) - Enter the load # to find it quickly in the grid.
  • Shipping Ticket - Opens the shipping ticket report selection screen for the selected load.  Disabled if the selected load has not been shipped.


  • Filter - Allows the list of loads to be filtered based on any details of the loads or the parts on them.  If any filters are set on properties of the parts then a Show Empty Loads checkbox will appear below the Filter button.  If checked then empty loads will also be shown.
  • New Load - Opens the load details screen in insert mode.
  • Load Properties - Opens the load details screen in edit mode for the selected load.
  • Delete Load - Deletes the selected load.  Disabled if the selected load has been shipped.
  • Add Material - Opens the add material screen to add additional items to the load.
  • View Material - Opens the material loaded screen to see a list of the items on the loads.
  • Current Locations - Open the material location screen to see the shipping status (current location and next destination) of the items.
  • The Date Shipped field is highlighted in yellow in the grid if the load has not yet been shipped.  The Capacity and Assigned Weight fields are highlighted in red if the load is over capacity.

Double-click a load in the grid to open the load details screen.

Load Tracking

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