Piece Tracking - Station - Add Completed

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Piece Tracking - Station - Add Completed

This screen allows parts to quickly be marked as having completed a particular Station.

First, select the station in the Station input on the bottom-right section of the screen.  This will default to the station that was being viewed on the previous screen.  The parts will be populated on the 'not included' side of the screen based on the parts that are routed through the selected station and have a quantity remaining to be completed.

Click the Filter button to alter the filter used to restrict the list of parts that is shown.  The navigation tree on the left side of the screen can also be used to restrict the parts shown on the 'not included' side of the screen.

The parts to mark as completed can be selected in two ways.  First, the details can be entered under the Inputs section below the 'not included' grid.  Enter the appropriate details and then click the '>' button to move that part to the 'included' side of the screen.  Alternatively you can simply highlight one or more records and double-click in the 'not included' grid or click the '>' button to move them to the 'included' side of the screen.

Once a part is on the 'included' side the quantity and instance numbers (if the part instance tracking enabled) of the selected part can be adjusted on the top-right of the screen.  To remove a part from the 'included' side of the screen double-click it in the grid or select one or more parts and click the '<' button.

Parts that are set to the 'Hold' approval status will be highlighted in red.  Parts that have failed inspection test records will be highlighted in yellow.  If any included parts have outstanding inspection failures then the user must have the 'Piece Tracking - Insert - w/ Inspection Failures' in order to add those records.  Click the Inspection button to open the Inspection Test Records screen filtered on the selected assembly.

Once the desired parts have been selected enter the remaining details on the bottom-right section including the date completed, the employee that completed the work, the hours that the work took to complete, and the batch ID and then click the 'Add Material' button to add the station completed records.


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