Piece Tracking - Stations Completed

Added March 5, 2021 by Ryan Vander Plaats ryan.vanderplaats@trimble.com

Piece Tracking - Stations Completed

The stations completed screen displays the individual records for parts that have completed various stations.  Click the Filter button to change the filter used to select which records to display.  The navigation tree on the left side of the screen can also be used to drill-down on specific data.  If a station filter is set then it will be displayed directly above the grid.

Click the Add Completed button to open the Station - Add Completed screen.

Click the Delete button to delete the selected records.  If only one record is selected and it has a quantity greater than 1 then a screen will appear asking how many to delete.  If that record also has instance numbers then the popup will have inputs for both the quantity as well as the instance numbers to delete.  Entering a quantity will automatically select that number of instance numbers, and entering the instance numbers will also set the quantity input to match.


Piece Tracking

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