Instance Tracking - Load Tracking

Added March 5, 2021 by Ryan Vander Plaats

Instance Tracking - Load Tracking

The add material screen incorporates the instance numbers just like the new piece tracking entry screen.  The available instance numbers are shown on the not-included side of the screen, and when a part is included then the quantity and/or instance # input can be used to identify exactly what to update.

Go to Production Control - > Load Tracking and click 'New Load'.

Enter the load information and click 'Save'.

Now click 'Add Material' to begin adding parts to the load.

The 'IN' column shows the available instance numbers for parts with instance tracking enabled.  To add a partial quantity of a part to the load move the part to the 'Included' side and then enter the quantity on the top-right of the screen.  If the part has instance tracking enabled then the 'Instance Numbers' input will be updated to reflect the new quantity.

For example, the 100B1-w4 part has remaining a quantity of 4 consisting of instance numbers 1-4.  If the 'Qty' input is changed to 2 then the first 2 available instance numbers will be chosen, so the 'Instance Numbers' input will be set to 1,2.  If the 'Qty' input is changed to 3 then the 'Instance Numbers' input will be set to 1-3.

Likewise, changes made to the 'Instance Numbers' input will be updated in the 'Qty' input.  If the 'Instance Numbers' input is changed to 1,3 then the 'Qty' input will be set to 2, since two instance numbers have been entered.  If the 'Instance Numbers' input is set to 1,3,4 then the 'Qty input will be set to 3.

Click the 'Add Material' button to add the material to the load.

All load tracking screens that list parts (Material Location, Loads - Material, Load Properties) will show an instance # (IN) column.

All load tracking actions (remove item, load/un-load, return/un-return, change load) when performed on a single record that is flagged for instance tracking and has a quantity of 1 will open a prompt to enter the quantity and instance numbers to apply the action to.  As in other places, updating the quantity affects the instance # input, and updating the instance # input sets the quantity to match.


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