Instance Tracking - Inspections

Added March 5, 2021 by Ryan Vander Plaats

Instance Tracking - Inspections

Go to Production Control -> Review -> Inspection Test Records.

When viewing the list of test records if any test records are included in the filter that have instance numbers associated with them then an Instance # column will appear in the grid.

Click the 'Run Test' button to begin entering a new inspection record.

On the New Inspection Test Record screen for an Assembly test when the selected part is flagged for instance tracking an 'Available Instance Numbers' display and 'Test Instance Numbers' input appear below the quantity input.  The 'Available Instance Numbers' are all of the instance numbers of this part for the selected sequence/lot.  The 'Test Instance Numbers' are the instance numbers to be associated with the test record.  When a quantity is entered then the test instance numbers will be updated to choose the first available instance numbers matching the quantity.  When the test instance numbers input is updated then the quantity input is updated to match the number of instance numbers that were entered.

For reports listing the full details of each test record, including the instance numbers, go to Test Record -> Reports and view the 'Inspection Test Records' report.


Instance Tracking

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