Instance Tracking - Cut Lists and TFS

Added March 5, 2021 by Ryan Vander Plaats

Instance Tracking - Cut Lists and TFS

To include instance numbers on reports, Check the ‘Show Instance Tracking’ box above the report list.

The Cut List reports will show the applicable Instance Number.  The shop will need to physically mark the parts to correspond with the cut list items.

Open the Production Control Cut List window and go to Production Control -> Review -> Cut Lists.

In the Cut List window, double click on a cut list or click ‘Details’ at the bottom.

Double click on a cutting detail to open the details window.  Note that parts with instance tracking enabled will show the instance numbers to be cut at the far right.  This details window also appears when the 'Cut' button is clicked to begin completing a cutting detail.

The TFS status for each instance of a part can be viewed on the Production Status window.  Go to ‘Production Control -> Review -> Production Status.

A screen appears to select the summary fields and any desired filters.  Make sure the 'Instance #' box is checked in order to view the status by instance and click 'OK' to proceed.

In the Production Status window, see the instance number in the 'IN' column.  The TFS, production, and shipping status is shown in the columns to the right.


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