Instance Tracking

Last updated March 5, 2021 by Ryan Vander Plaats

Instance Tracking

The purpose of the instance tracking option is to allow tracking of the history of each individual instance (quantity of 1) of a part.  These instances are represented by instance numbers, from 1 to the total quantity of the part.  Each instance number is associated with a sequence and lot number.

The instance tracking option can be set on each individual part to indicate whether it should have this additional level of tracking.  Settings are available to automatically set the instance tracking option based on the tracking requirements of the job.

Instance Tracking provides Heat number and Purchase Order traceability by the individual piece during the production and shipping stages, whatever the quantity.

Instance Tracking allows for Main Member or Accessories with multiple quantities to be tracked as individual Instances.

This increased level of tracking requires the recording of the Instance Number, in addition to the Main Member or Accessory Mark in the following areas:  (A1-1, A1-2 for example)

Instance Tracking

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