How to use Tekla EPM with a VPN

Last updated March 20, 2020 by Ryan Vander Plaats

How to use Tekla EPM with a VPN

When you are working remotely, one option for connecting to the Tekla EPM database is using an established VPN connection. The quality of the VPN connection may affect the speed of Tekla EPM. To obtain the license, it may be necessary to split the VPN tunnel. For an explanation of what a split tunnel means, click here.

1. Connect to the VPN and start Tekla EPM.

2. When you are signing in to Tekla EPM, click Connection to view the connection settings.

2. On the Database Connection tab in the Connections Settings dialog box, set the IP address to the Tekla EPM server IP address. 
Note that computer names do not always resolve over a VPN connection.

3. To test the database connection, click Test Connection. 

If the connection to the Tekla EPM database works, the following message appears.

4. Click OK to close the message.

5. Click OK to close the Connection Settings dialog box.

6. Sign in to Tekla EPM.


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