Release Notes - Tekla EPM 2019 SP3

Defect number Development area Description
EPM-3687 Setup

Previously, clicking the Server Log File button in the Tekla EPM Remote Monitor window sometimes opened the wrong text file if the Tekla EPM Remote Server service used different program files than the running instance of the Tekla EPM Remote Monitor. This has now been fixed.

EPM-3681 Setup

Signing in to Tekla EPM is now faster.

EPM-3615 Estimating

Previously, when you exported IFC files from Tekla Structures and imported the files to Tekla EPM, material lengths and plate or bolt sizes were sometimes read incorrectly. This has now been fixed.

EPM-3617 Production Control

Previously, changing the piece mark input type on the Input Settings tab of the Production Control Job Edit could cause an error. This has now been fixed.

EPM-3616 Production Control

Previously, completing a cutting detail failed if the material shape to be cut did not have any grades. This has now been fixed.

EPM-3682 Administration

The External Users tab is now visible in the Administration dialog box, even if your company does not have a Tekla EPM Go license. This means that you can add external users for connecting integrations even without a Tekla EPM Go license.

EPM-3624 Administration

Tekla EPM licensing is now compatible with the TLS 1.2 protocol.

EPM-3592 Administration

You can now filter items in the API Log by the Request, Response, and additionalLogData fields when performing the TFSCut command

EPM-3675 Purchase Orders

Previously, the weights of received items were shown in kilograms in purchase order reports, even if the weight input and display units were set to imperial units. This has now been fixed.

EPM-3676 Combining

Previously, importing very large IFC files could cause Tekla EPM to run out of memory. This has now been fixed.

EPM-3700 Integrations

The status sync between Tekla EPM and Trimble Connect is now faster.

EPM-3601 Integrations

The Trimble Connect integration in Tekla EPM now works with the new Trimble Connect authentication method.

EPM-3561 Integrations

Importing cut lists from ProNest and syncing inventory between Tekla EPM and ProNest is now faster.