Tekla EPM 2021 Beta

Last updated February 11, 2021 by Tekla User Assistance tekla.documentation@trimble.com

Tekla EPM 2021 Beta

Tekla EPM 2021 Beta is now available in Tekla Downloads.

New features in Tekla EPM 2021 Beta

New dashboard reporting in Tekla EPM Go

Tekla EPM Go 2021 introduces high-level dashboards that offer you quick view visualizations of your workshop operations, such as the current status of your entire shop floor production. You can also drill down to the data to take a deeper dive. 

The dashboard functionality can be turned on user by user. It enables options to customize the visualizations to fit your preferences. 

The dashboards are available in Tekla EPM Go 2021 version in conjunction with Tekla EPM 2021. 


New navigation and filtering options for better usability

Tekla EPM 2021 unlocks new ways of filtering and better organizing your data. The navigation tree that enables enhanced filtering options makes the user experience smoother. Also, the 2021 version will introduce the option to use Tekla EPM in French language. Until now, Tekla EPM has been available in English and Spanish.

DSTV+ files for instructing machinery

Being able to generate DSTV+ files brings.significant efficiency gains to fabricators using shop floor control software supporting DSTV+. Using a DSTV+ allows shop floor workers to automatically receive cut list information in an industry standard format. This takes away the need to manually recreate a cut list from individual DSTV files.


Extended Viewpoint Vista and Spectrum integration

The integration and settings for Viewpoint Vista and Viewpoint Spectrum software are now easily accessed in Tekla EPM 2021 Maintenance Menu. In addition to Purchase Order details, you can now transfer information on PO Receipts, Job Transitions, and Inventory Valuation from Tekla EPM into the Viewpoint. 

Use Trimble Connect model to update EPM Go

While using the embedded version of Trimble Connect Web in Tekla EPM Go you can now also update the status information from the model view instead of just viewing it. This two-way interaction provides more streamlined user experience when using the model view. This is especially beneficial for the erector or anyone wanting to track the erection on the field.