Update Tekla EPM automatically

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Update Tekla EPM automatically

Update Tekla EPM automatically

Each time Tekla EPM is started on any client workstation, Tekla EPM looks for automatic updates in the Update default folder, set in the Default Directories dialog box. Administrators need to download the available updates to the Update folder and install the update. Once the update has been installed on the server computer, all users can update Tekla EPM automatically by simply clicking OK.

To enable automatic updates:
  • All workstations must have the same version of Tekla EPM as the server computer to connect and share the same data. Otherwise, errors will occur.

    If these types of errors occur, contact the Tekla EPM support.

  • All computers need to have the same path in the Update field in the Default Directories dialog box. Otherwise, the automatic update will not succeed.

Before you begin updating Tekla EPM, ensure that all users have closed Tekla EPM, and that the Tekla EPM Remote Monitor has been stopped on the server computer.

  1. Verify where the Update default directory points to:
    1. Click the File ribbon tab in the upper-left corner of the Tekla EPM window.
    2. On the File menu, select Default Directories.
    3. In the Default Directories dialog box, check the file path in the Update field.

      This is the location where you need to save the update.

      If the Update field is empty, click ..., browse to find the desired folder, select the folder, and click OK.

    4. Click OK to close the Default Directories dialog box.
  2. Download the desired update from downloads.tekla.com to the correct folder.
  3. Close Tekla EPM.
  4. Go to the location where you downloaded the update, and double-click the update.
  5. In the Tekla EPM License Agreement wizard, review the license agreement.
  6. Select Accept.
  7. At the bottom-right corner, click Next >.
  8. In the Destination Folder field, check the location where the update will be installed.
  9. To install the update, click Install.

    The update is installed.

  10. When the update has been installed, click Close to close the installation window.

    A dialog box opens, allowing you to select if you want to start the updated Tekla EPM and verify that everything works as expected.

  11. Click Yes.
  12. Log in to Tekla EPM.
    Note that sometimes when you log in to Tekla EPM after an update, you may get the following messages:
    1. A message saying that the current database needs to be updated.

      Click OK.

    2. A message confirming that the database should be updated.

      Click Yes.

    3. A message asking you to allow creating a backup copy of the current database.

      Click OK, create a backup, and save it to the desired location.

  13. Open a client workstation and log in to Tekla EPM.

    A message appears, advising you to update Tekla EPM.

  14. Click OK.

    The program update starts immediately.

The Tekla EPM Remote Server automatically starts on the server computer after Tekla EPM has been updated.

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